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    Media's Selective Memory?


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    Media's Selective Memory?

    Post  new_car_smell on Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:16 pm

    Jennifer Aniston walks arm-in- arm with Gerard Butler... just like she did with Brad

    Trying desperately to suggest that JA always dates co-stars. But, conveniently, forgetting that both BP and AJ have the serious track record in that departmnt.

    If this photo brings back memories, then that's because we've seen it before.
    Two people walking together?

    Of course, back in 2005, the man at Jennifer Aniston's side was her now ex-husband Brad Pitt. They walked arm-in-arm along a Caribbean beach the day before announcing their split.
    Seems the media thinks that every man on earth should be compared to Duh.

    Yesterday 40-year-old Jennifer was joined by Scottish actor Gerard Butler, her co-star on new movie The Bounty. Their loved-up pose will do little to end rumours the two are dating.
    The 40-year-old female was with a Scottish actor who is how old? The press still can't seem to treat men and women as equal when it comes to age.

    The two, who play an estranged couple in the romantic comedy, were deep in conversation, apparently unaware of onlookers.
    Because when two people are engaged in deep conversation, they usually take the time to look over their shoulder every two seconds?

    A source on the set told the U.S. magazine Star: 'Let me put it this way,they’re both hot and single! After they finish a scene, they stick around so they can hang out with each other. Neither is in a rush to leave.
    They're both hot and single. Nuf said. The fact that two single people can't hang out with each other is an issue created by the press alone.

    'Jen and Gerard often practice kissing scenes even after the cameras stop rolling. Jen will say: "I think we need to do that again."
    Oh the scandal. Surprised

    'She says Gerard’s a great kisser.'
    How dare a single woman say this about a single man. How dare she.

    The two had met before filming began on the film, but Jennifer rejected the 39-year-old's advances.
    And we can see that the focus should be on her age, not his.

    'Gerard’s been after Jen ever since they met at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2008,' the source said.
    So, GB is the desperate one this time? Or does the media not play fair?

    'He really has a thing for her. He wants to date her, not just have a fling — or at least that’s what he is telling her!
    He must be really desperate. Desperate do you hear. Desperate.

    'He has a reputation for being the biggest cad in Hollywood, and Jen knows that. She said no to him for almost a year, but he never gave up.'
    I doubt he's bigger than Duh, but the media can try that spin if it wants to.

    This isn't the first time Jennifer has found love at work.
    Here we go.

    The summer after her divorce from Brad, who had a short role in her sitcom Friends, she fell for Vince Vaughn on the set of The Break-Up.
    And she even checked herself into a mental hospital to get his attention. Oh, wait....

    Their relationship lasted for little more than a year.
    And he has nothing but good things to say about her.

    Next she briefly dated male model Paul Sculfor in 2007, before embarking on an on/off courtship with John Mayer in 2008.
    Dating PS was never acknowledged and JM was more single on single action. Ho Hum.

    And she was recently linked to Hangover star Bradley Cooper, who publicly denied they were an item.
    She was linked to BC because they once said hello in an elevator or something?

    The National Enquirer reported: 'Jennifer was devastated when Bradley told reporters in Paris that she was "just a friend" and denied they had any romantic involvement.
    If I read JA Devastated again, I am seriously going to :scream:

    'It makes her look desperate — which is the one thing she dreads coming across more than anything else.
    Of course, not as desperate as the woman who got knocked up to keep a man. And certainly not as desperate as someone who has to stalk men AFTER she's been dumped. And definitely not as desperate as someone who uses every sexual trick in the book because she's a vacuous tramp.

    'She had no idea why Bradley would deny they went on a date — the only logical explanation she could come up with was that it was his way of trying to keep their romance private.
    "says the source? There is a source right? Not just something added in without merit, right?

    'But when she confronted him about it, he took the opportunity to let her down gently and say he only wanted to be friends.
    says the source...

    'It was a huge embarrassment for Jennifer — now she feels used an upset — her confidence has taken yet another knock and she’s back at square one in terms of dating.'
    How is it a huge embarrassment? Who do these people think they're fooling with this. Oh yes. Almost forgot. Themselves.

    Do these people ever mention that BP has only dated his costars and that AJ has only screwed co-stars that were in relationships/married? Do these people ever mention that, in order to qualify for desperate, you actually have to do something desperate? Like check yourself into an institution, get pregnant by a married man or advertise "Hi, I'm a big slut"? Do these people ever mention that what an adult single female does with an adult single male is not scandalous but normal and every day?

    Nope! They wouldn't have anything to say about JA if they had the guts to mention these few simple facts.

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