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    Post  new_car_smell on Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:46 pm

    Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie – Nearly Nonstop Bickering

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have re-taken the red carpet in order to promote Brad’s newest movie Inglorious Basterds. Although the couple is all smiles in front of the cameras, tabloid reporters are taking a closer look under the surface and are finding that Pitt and Jolie’s relationship is a rotting carcass running on the smallest of fumes.

    The speculation about Pitt and Jolie having major relationship problems is not new. In fact, In Touch has been reporting on this very subject since nearly the birth of the couple’s twins, Knox and Vivienne. In their latest cover story, entitled “Angelina Humiliates Brad”, the tabloid takes an in-depth look at Brad and Jolie’s night in front of Hollywood’s glitterati.

    The scene is a red carpet setting outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on August 10. Jolie accompanies Pitt to his premier, but does all she can to steal the show. Jolie turned on the million dollar smile as soon as she saw the adoring public.

    “As soon as Angelina stepped out of their car, she left Brad behind her.” an witness said. “She signed autographs for fans by herself and didn’t seem to care where she was.”

    The flamboyant behavior was not lost on her mate, Pitt, who glared at her on several occasions. According to most who witnessed the event, Angelina Jolie totally upstaged Brad Pitt in her little sexy black dress and her outgoing attitude.

    “The crowd went wild for Angelina,” said the LA Times. “Brad was hot, too. But you know, Angie just steals the show.”

    Brad Pitt has been taking a bit of heat lately because he’s starting to show his age. At 46, being a “boy toy” isn’t as easy as it used to be. He really tried to look his best for this opening night.

    “He even went to the dermatologist and dentist this month,” said an insider.

    If Brad looked like a million bucks, though, Angelina looked like ten million!

    “She had the dress delivered that day and wore the hottest shoes from Christian Dior. She wanted to make sure everyone knew that she was sexy again.”

    Further adding to the rift was that Jolie was talking to reporters while Brad looked as if he was waiting for the first opportunity to get away.

    “But Brad liiked so mad he kept pulling Angie away from interviews, he seemed annoyed that she talking so much,” said an onlooker.

    Jolie was even asked if she and Pitt would be working together in a movie any time soon. She answered a bit tartly, “I would love to but we’ve got a lot of kids to raise.”

    Pitt and Jolie didn’t even stick around to watch the movie. They snuck out and jumped into a private car at the first opportunity to get away.

    Pitt and Jolie have been making the rounds lately calling each other “soulmates”, but In Touch insists these two are heading to Splitsville faster than a Florida home going into foreclosure during the credit crisis.

    According to a friend of Pitt’s, his life has become a domestic nightmare.

    “Brad’s life is changing diapers, feeding babies, running errands with the kids and working,” he said. “The passion he once had with Angelina seems to be all gone – it’s been replaced with nearly nonstop bickering.”

    Pitt is even questioning the hurry he was in to have so many kids with Jolie in such a short period of time.

    “Of course, the wonderful moments with the kids outweigh any bad, but sometimes Brad worries if maybe it was mistake rushing into things the way he did with Angelina,” the friend said. “They were so in love, but he realizes now it was irresponsible having six kids in such a short time.”

    In Touch then finishes their feature with an accusation that seems easy to believe. That is Brad Pitt is drinking heavily these days, which is adding considerable stress to his relationship with Jolie and the kids. They cite Pitt’s haggardly and drunken appearance in many photos lately, as well as some choice quotes.

    Pitt and Quentin Tarantino, director of Inglorius Basterds have been drinking together.

    “We worked hard, but we played hard,” said Tarantino. “So basically at the end of a given week, we would go out and party and cut loose.”

    Since the director and lead actor admit to being drunk while making the movie, does that mean the audience is going to need to be drunk to watch this 2 and 1/2 hour clunker?

    I leave that question for you to answer.

    As usual, it looks like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have gone on the offensive for his latest movie, yet just behind the scenes the tensions are flaring and the bickering is hitting a high-pitch.

    It now seems to be only a matter of time until Brangelina goes the way of the dinosaur.

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