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    Ange finds Brad's secret ‘diary'


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    Ange finds Brad's secret ‘diary' Empty Ange finds Brad's secret ‘diary'

    Post  Dreamcatcher on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:25 pm

    Angelina Jolie is furious after finding an old diary belonging to her partner Brad Pitt in which he allegedly confesses to having two affairs while married to Jennifer Aniston, says Woman's Day's LA correspondent.

    "Brad was at pains to point out that this chick was like a groupie who had come on to him after his relationship with Jen had broken down. He told Angie that at that point, his relationship with her had not even begun," says a source close to the pair. But Patti Strasberg, a long-time friend of Angelina's, says the mum-of-six was livid when she discovered the diary while unpacking after moving from New Orleans to their home in Long Island. "Angelina is named as the first [affair] but the second woman is a total shock and a bolt from the blue," says Patti. "Angelina knew nothing about her. She's devastated and angry that Brad never told her. She believed that she was the only ‘other woman'."

    The "other woman" is reportedly a make-up artist from the movie Snatch, with Brad even referring to her as "Miss Snatch" in the diary. A source says Brad first met her on the set of the Guy Ritchie film in 2000, however, it was on a break from the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith in late 2004 that he is said to have noted: "Nice time with Miss Snatch again." It was during this time that Brad and Angelina were first pictured together, on Italy's Amalfi Coast, while Brad was still married to Jen.

    Whaaaat? BP is a cheater? Laughing And she thought she was the only "Other Woman"? lol! Sucks to be JoLie!

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