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    Will The Real Megan Fox Please Stand Up?


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    Will The Real Megan Fox Please Stand Up?

    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:29 pm

    The question about whether or not Megan Fox runs her mouth purely for attention got us thinking: Is this girl really that out there all the time? Or is she truly an Angelina Jolie in the making—just one crafty babe who knows how to market herself?

    On one hand, M.F. has already been engaged and unengaged to Brian Austin Green, and was mature enough to pick up his baggage. Meg absolutely adores playing mom to Brian's son—which is half the reason they still get together from time to time. Doesn't exactly scream raging, hypersexual bisexual, does it?

    So we sat down with our Foxy insider to see what the gal is really like. A slut? A marketing genius? Totally down to earth?

    Read on to find out:

    "The more [Megan] talks, the more people talk about her. She knows that," dishes our M.F. insider.

    We find her a bit steelier than what she gives away to every magazine. Megan knows exactly what to say to get her attention, doesn't she?

    "Oh yeah," laughs the good pal.

    Take Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron, for example. Her infamous quotes about the "too pretty" boys got picked up everywhere and gave her tons of press. But for two guys who supposedly aren't good enough for her, Meg certainly acts quite fond of them. First, she supposedly launched on R.Pattz, and then she was seen last week out to dinner with Efron! No wonder lots of girls hate her.

    So take what you hear from Ms. Fox cautiously. She knows exactly how to rile you all up—and it works. And we love it. Or do we?

    Oh, and consider the debate over. Megan is more than hot on Angie's heels. She's right there, now that Saint Jolie is considerably less interesting (publicly, that is).

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