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    Brad Pitt Too Full Of Himself To Talk To Paps Who Helped Him


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    Brad Pitt Too Full Of Himself To Talk To Paps Who Helped Him

    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:49 pm

    WTF has happened to Brad Pitt?
    TMZ reported that Brad’s bike broke down and one of the paps was kind enough to offer him a ride to a meeting he was late for.
    It was all caught on vid.
    While the pap was driving Brad to his meeting, he tried to make casual conversation with Brad and asks him to say hello to the camera. Brad does say hello, but when the driver asks him what happened to his bike, Brad says:

    “No. It’s not an interview man”

    Well excccuuuuuseeee me!
    Dumb butt Brad didn’t realize the cameras where still rolling in the car and keeps telling the driver it’s not an interview over and over and says he’ll walk to his meeting.
    If Brad would have just made small talk and appreciated their help like any other normal human being, this story would have been about how cool of a guy Brad was. But NO.
    Brad, who really should now change his name to Bradley, was too busy being late for his meeting and obviously too big of a star now to talk to the lowly paps who were kind enough to give him a ride and get him to his meeting on time. So it looks like Karma caught up with Bradley,for all the world to see.
    He acted like a total ungrateful pompous prick, and now everybody knows it.
    Yeah, that’s right, I said it.
    And Bradley….what is up with your giant sunglasses? Hello? Fashion Police! They remind me of the huge sunglasses that little old ladies wear.
    Did Angelina pick those out for you?

    pitttBradley’s pompous behavior is a far cry from when normal Brad dressed up in a monkey suit with the gang from Jackass, and filmed Night Monkey 2 a few years back.
    I guess he didn’t mind being filmed in a monkey suit while jumping into garbage pails. Brad went skateboarding, jumping into trash cans and causing total mayhem and had a blast doing it. Click this link, it’s WAY worth a look if you haven’t seen it.
    It shows a younger, more down to earth and playful Brad Pitt.

    I am not saying that stars should be jumping into trash cans in monkey suits. But some stars need to remember that they are not God’s gift.
    I’ll take the old Brad Pitt anyday. I used to think he was pretty dreamy in some of his movies. But now that he is known as Brangelina, he just makes me nauseated. And don’t get me started on wifey-poo. *retch*
    It looks like BRADLEY is the real JACKASS these days.
    And oh yeah… thanks alot Angelina!

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