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    Keeping the lies straight?


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    Keeping the lies straight? Empty Keeping the lies straight?

    Post  new_car_smell on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:28 pm

    Last time, in "Bradland", he said he gave up the guitar. Riiiiight!

    'Horrible' rock star Brad Pitt
    People News

    Aug 26, 2009, 9:41 GMT

    Brad Pitt annoys Angelina Jolie with his "horrible" guitar playing.

    The actor often infuriates the 34-year-old beauty - with who he raises six children - with his terrible attempts at songwriting and rock star impressions.

    Speaking about their home life, Brad said: "I spend time with my kids and I write horrible songs. I play the guitar and I love music, but I really suck!"

    Apart from his maddening music, the 44-year-old star claims his family is just like any other.

    He explained to Sky Movies Magazine: "We watch DVDs. I love driving my motorbike around, playing with my dogs. We do lots of barbecues. We travel a lot. We have a good life, for sure."

    Although they are both world famous movie stars, Brad insists he and Angelina have never got used to the enormous interest in their life together and hate the "constant assault" on their privacy.

    He said: "There's still no rulebook for it. Angie and I talk about this - it's gotten so out of hand, this constant assault on your peace. It is not what we signed up for when we started doing films." Yet neither one of them can STFU! Hey Brad!! If you don't want people in your personal life, then try the JD approach and DON'T TELL EVERYONE WITHIN EARSHOT every-single-last-little-insignificant detail about your life. Hypocrite!

    Brad admits work has become more challenging since the couple started a family, because he wants his children - Maddox, eight, Zahara, four, Shiloh, three, Pax, five, and one-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne - to be proud of his films.

    He said: "Shooting is very hard, and if you must work hard, you have to invest all your energies in something that's worth it. Being a father, I want my children to be proud of what I'm doing, when they will be old enough to see my movies, so that has an effect, yes."

    Or they'll be smart and realize that you're a lousy actor who got in the door on his looks, and stayed by sheer manipulation.

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