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    Brad Pitt Is A LIE-LIE-LIAR!


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    Brad Pitt Is A LIE-LIE-LIAR!

    Post  new_car_smell on Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:12 pm

    I love that QT actually called him out on his bulls**t. HW gloves are off, off, OFF!

    Last week, Brad Pitt told Bill Maher that he put his pot smoking days behind him when he became a father to the child army. Well, Quentin Tarantino says otherwise!

    Yesterday on The Howard Stern Show, Quentin told a little tale about how Saint Brad of the Good Doers gave him a sliver of hash when he was hanging out his house in France last year. Brad also likes to smoke his good shit "8th-grade-style," because when Quentin asked for a pipe, he was given a Coke can. Yes, one of the richest dudes around is smoking hash out of a Coke can. I'm sure if Brad asked, one of the twin messiahs could just touch that Coke can and turn it into a solid gold bong.

    Why so lie-telly, Brad? Is dude afraid that if he sings to the world that he's a proud stoner everyone will think he's the next Amy Wino? Please, the crazed Brangaloonies would still worship him even if it's uncovered that he's running a hash factory in France. Hmmm...that would explain why he has so many kiddies.

    And Brad should not only embrace his stoner-ness, but he should also demand that every Brangaloonie needs to smoke a bowl every once and a while. Seriously, maybe that will calm the crazy a bit.

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