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    BP still doesn't know how to promote a movie


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    BP still doesn't know how to promote a movie

    Post  new_car_smell on Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:58 pm

    Brad Pitt is one of those people who can't say or do anything to make people not like him.

    That was Bill Maher's take on the actor when he appeared on Maher's show Friday night.

    In case you haven't already heard, Pittt told Maher that he was pro-gay marriage, pro-legalizing marijuana, and anti-religious. You would expect the Ann Coulters of the world to pounce on a statement like that, but so far it's only gotten him good press.

    Pitt was on Maher's show to promote his new movie, Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, but the conversation quickly turned political. Pitt said his ideas about religion mirrrored Maher's in his film "Religulous".

    Maher joked to Pitt about running for Mayor of New Orleans. The actor and activist has a home in the French Quarter and has been helping to rebuild the Hurrican Katrina-devastated ninth ward for the past two years through his Make It Right Foundation.

    Pitt acknowledged that there was a growing movement in NOLA, and on social networking sites encouraging him to run for mayor. There are even "Brad Pitt for Mayor" t-shirts being sold in the city. However, Pitt is apparently ineligible to run because of residency requirements (although that could change). Pitt has said that he feels like his career in movies is over, and he has thought about getting into politics, although his pro-gay, pro-pot, anti-religious views may prevent that from ever happening.

    So is there anything unlikeable about Brad Pitt?

    Yes. That yucky beard. It's aging him prematurely. He looks tired. It looks unruly. He can't seem to control it very well. It probably scares his children. There have been rumors in the press that he has a love/hate relationship with it.

    Brad needs to lose that beard, ASAP.

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