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    Ted C contradicting other reports?


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    Ted C contradicting other reports? Empty Ted C contradicting other reports?

    Post  new_car_smell on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:30 pm

    It's things like this that have me doubting Ted C.

    It was almost as if we saw a glimpse of old and fun Angelina Jolie out in action last night at the Inglourious Basterds premiere in L.A. Even though she donned her typical black getup, the leather-looking ensemble was a helluva lot more interesting than anything else we've seen Saint Jolie sport lately.

    Some of you commenters seem to disagree, but we thought she looked fab. Ange was still a tad frail-looking for our taste, but her arms and bod looked way healthier than when we saw her back during awards season.

    Even though Jolie skipped most press, when we chatted with her for a bit she was bubbly, fun and...nice. What gives? Could Jolie be preggers again or something? Guess he wanted to be the first to say it.

    Well, when we talked with Brad Pitt and Angelina 'bout that...

    More kids were def on both of their brains. A.J. told us she was "always" thinking about that, and Brad seemed just as eager that more tots were going to be on the way sooner than later. "Of course! That's always something we talk about," gabbed B.P.

    Shocking stuff! Not so much. Less shocking and more movie premiere typical

    So any plans for their little ones to get started in the Biz young, like their parents? Ange told us she wasn't sure about that yet, but that she and Brad would "support" whatever their kids wanted to do.

    Angelina seemed very definitive, though, that she and nonhubby Brad would definitely call it quits the Business that is.

    When asked if she and B would retire from making films in the near future, Angelina pointed her finger, nodded her head quite matter-of-factly and said, "Oh yes!" Again?

    Brangelina seemed just as in sync at the afterparty, too. Since Ted C. is the Only One reporting this little tidbit, down a few notches in my book.

    The two held court outside at Skybar in a table near the front. Instead of mingling too much with other castmembers in attendance like Diane Kruger or B.J. Novak, Brad and Angie stayed within butt-patting length of each other at all times. Angelina even happily snapped pics with star-struck Industry folks who just couldn't help but gawk at the most famous couple in the world.

    So could Angie's happy 'tude have something to do with another one of life's blessings? We're sure since tabloids can't write about some big fight Brange had (they were arm in arm the whole party), Angelina being preggers will be the only thing left.

    Jolie did skip out on drinking any champagne or alcohol there, while Brad enjoyed his beer. But her tummy looked nothing but little if you ask us.

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