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    A Couple of "Basterds"


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    A Couple of "Basterds" Empty A Couple of "Basterds"

    Post  new_car_smell on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:19 pm


    St. Angie held on to ole' Brad Pitt at last night's Inglorious Basterds, because she was afraid a swift wind might come and carry her scrawny ass off, dropping her in Jennifer Aniston's front yard. If only.

    Yeah, I know you're doing the eye roll, because she's wearing ANOTHER black dress, but she has to. If she doesn't, the black dress industry will file for bankruptcy and then the black dress would officially be extinct. Their future depends on St. Angie. Although, I don't think this was originally a black dress. Angie wasn't happy with any of the ten million black dresses her stylist showed her, so Maddox came to the rescue as usual. He cut the fingers off one of his leather gloves, snipped the tip and slipped it on Angie. Voila! It's still a little baggy, but it will do!

    But seriously, I'm getting a "vintage St. Angie" vibe from these pictures. You know, the crazy ass Angie who used to wear blood around her neck and suck on her brother's face in public. That one. It's nice to see that bitch back...for a quick millisecond.

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