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    Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Skid Out Of Control


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    Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Skid Out Of Control

    Post  new_car_smell on Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:14 pm

    You have to give Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a lot of credit for always saying the right things in public. But no matter how many public proclamations they make about the health of their relationship, the tabloids have no problems finding alternative versions of reality. Brad took the time recently to call Jolie his “soulmate,” but that hasn’t prevented Star from digging some major dirt on the Hollywood Power Couple.

    In an article title “Broken Home!” Star makes the claim that Jolie and Pitt are very near the end of their love affair. It’s a claim they’ve made before, and it isn’t all that hard to imagine.

    One thing appears certain, Pitt and Jolie are spending an awful amount of time apart. Whether this is all due to professional obligations or is strictly related to their personal lives disintegrating is up to you to decide. Star says that Pitt is drinking and partying and the domestic turmoil is taking a major toil on their kids.

    Brad Pitt traveled to Berlin on July 28 by himself. While there he “partied, drank, and flirted as if he was single”. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and the six kids were staying at a hotel room in Los Angeles.

    “Brad and Angie had a big fight in New York a couple of months ago while she was filming Salt, and things haven’t been the same since,” an insider told the tabloid. “They are just not communicating, and Brad’s pulling away. That’s new for Angie. She’s usually the one to pull away from men.”

    Brad Pitt went to Berlin to promote Inglorious Basterds, but at the last minute decided Angie shouldn’t come.

    “Two days before the trip, Brad told her he thought it was best if she didn’t come,” said a source. “They’ve been fighting a lot, but this really ripped her heart out.”

    Jolie is not comfortable when Brad goes on these “business trips.”

    “Angie hates when he goes away without her,” the source said. “She knows that he likes to drink and party but that he tones it down when she’s there. And she also knows that women throw themselves at Brad, which drives her crazy.”

    Brad Pitt claimed that his partying days were over on July 28 in Berlin when he said: “I’m a dad now. My partying ends at 6pm.”

    However, events didn’t quite turn out that way.

    “Angie lost it because Brad started drinking at a photo call hours before the premiere and kept going until 4am!” said the source. “She tried calling him a few times, and he didn’t pick up — so she kept trying until finally he answered. She was nagging him so much that Brad finally shut his phone off.”

    While Brad is out partying in Berlin, Angelina Jolie is hanging out in Los Angeles, spending time with the kids. Their constant separation has people wondering aloud if they can continue as a couple.

    “They are taking shifts with the kids, separately, and doing their own things,” a friend said. “When they are together, it often ends in tears and locked doors. How long can they live like that?”

    Do you think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will stay together?

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