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    Saint Angie thinks WAAAAY too much of herself


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    Saint Angie thinks WAAAAY too much of herself

    Post  Dreamcatcher on Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:22 am

    Scheduling a breastfeeding bust from the woefully tacky W photo shoot to be unveiled on 9/11. Tacky, Low Class, Arrogant and Self Absorbed. What else is new? Other than the examiner being her new PR mouthpiece?

    Come September, a nude statue of Angelina Jolie will be revealed to fans in Oklahoma City thanks to artist Daniel Edwards.

    Created in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, the life-size bronze statue shows the mother-of-six breastfeeding twins - one of African descent.

    "We believe the statue sends a beautiful message by promoting the acceptance of public breastfeeding. Mothers should be encouraged to nurture their babies anywhere," said Sandy Wilson of Phantom-Financial, the organization behind the artwork.

    New York artist Daniel Edwards was inspired by Jolie's W magazine cover last year (see below), in which her Hollywood heartthrob partner Brad Pitt snapped the star breastfeeding their newborn twins.

    The sculpture is set to be unveiled in the Oklahoma City Metro area on September 11 and then go on display in London later this year (09).

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    Re: Saint Angie thinks WAAAAY too much of herself

    Post  new_car_smell on Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:17 am

    Daniel Edwards is doing the sculpture and it def does not put her in a good light. Look him up and you can see for yourself. Laughing

    Daniel Edwards, the artiste behind such pieces of work like "Brit Brit Pushing Out A Cheetoling" and the "OctoMommy Butt Plug," will unveil his new sculpture at Mainsite Contemporary Art space in Norman, Oklahoma in September.

    In honor of Chichifeeding Week, Daniel has created a life-sized sculpture of the saint of all saints, Angie Jolie. Daniel said he was inspired by that "private picture" on the cover of W Magazine taken by Brad Pitt of one of the twin messiahs suckling on Angie's divine breast.

    The sculpture titled "Landmark for Breastfeeding" shows St. Angie breastfeeding her twins in the "football-hold."

    In real life, St. Angie didn't have to hold them like that. The chosen ones stayed afloat thanks to their retracting angel wings and halos. The celestial powers of St. Angie's holy titty water also took them HIGHER.

    Come September, the city of Norman will be Brangaloonie central. They are probably already waiting in line, freaking out at the thought of worshiping at their GOD'S feet. If Daniel wants to make a few extra coins, he should make a pillow person version of this, so Brangaloonies finally have something to cuddle with (besides their Lara Croft doll).

    And am I the only one that really really really wants to light the wick on top of St. Angie's head?

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