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    Post  Dreamcatcher on Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:00 am

    Kind of speaks for itself....

    Last week, Angelina Jolie made a trip to Iraq, and Jordan, visiting a refugee camp and the military based at Camp Liberty. Angelina didn’t go alone, as an early 8th birthday present, she brought along her oldest son, Maddox. But the idea of their son going to Iraq didn’t sit well with daddy Brad Pitt. He was said to be very upset at the idea of Maddox headed to a war torn area, where Angelina even donned a protective vest.

    “He told her that it’s no place for a child Maddox’s age,” the associate explains. “But she insisted it wasn’t dangerous and took him anyway.” …

    “He called her irresponsible,” explains the associate. “He had told her taking Maddox to Iraq was ridiculously dangerous, but she disrespected his wishes and went anyway.”

    Angelina, never being one to hide her opinion, fired back at Brad.

    “She said Brad’s ignorance about how dangerous Iraq is underlines why she should take trips there with Maddox - so he can know better.”

    The fight escalated until they were “both talking and screaming at the same time,” the associate says, adding that while “Angie finally backed down,” the pair slept in separate bedrooms that night and have barely spoken since.

    A friend of the family goes on to say that this was the first big fight they’ve had over how to raise the kids.

    “They’re keeping things civil for the sake of the kids, but their relationship has pretty much dissolved into nothing more than co-parenting.” Ya Think?!?!?!?

    This is definitely NOT your average fight a couple would be having about their kids. It’s not every day you can take your kids to see the military and a refugee camp.

    What a stupid Bint!

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