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    Shiloh raising herself?


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    Shiloh raising herself? Empty Shiloh raising herself?

    Post  Dreamcatcher on Mon Jul 27, 2009 9:40 am

    Mommy Psycho has no control as a parent?
    Jolie’s daughter Shiloh loves brother’s cast-offs

    LONDON - Angelina Jolie’s three-year-old daughter Shiloh is obsessed with wearing her older brother Maddox’s cast-offs, including old football boots. And whackjob Jolie does nothing about it.

    The 34-year-old actress, who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt, has tried everything to persuade three-year-old Shiloh to wear other clothes, but she refuses to don anything that doesn’t belong to seven-year-old Maddox, reports Because Prince Maddox is the quintessential what?

    At the moment, the toddler can regularly be seen sporting a pair of Maddox’s old football boots. She loves the shoes so much she even wears them to her ballet and tap dancing lessons. Don't even try it. Katie and Suri you will never be.

    “Shiloh always wants to wear those shoes. She cries when Angelina tries to put anything else on her,” a source told the National Enquirer magazine.

    It is not the first time Shiloh has fallen in love with an item of clothing. Last year, she wanted to wear a ballet tutu at all times, and was seen in it “for months”. When was this crap? If Shiloh were sporting a tutu for months, the skank would have made sure it was published online everywhere and in that retarded little photo spread.

    Shiloh’s love of clothes doesn’t seem to be inherited from her mother. Shiloh seems to have inherited her mother's crazy gene instead.

    Jolie recently revealed she doesn’t spend much time thinking about what she will wear to red carpet events, and is more interested in whether a dress is comfortable than the impact it will have. Which is why she has designers pick her clothes for her. Or maybe the stolen clothes story needs to be played down a bit.

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