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    JoLie Regurgitates more of the same


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    JoLie Regurgitates more of the same

    Post  Dreamcatcher on Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:50 pm

    Bringing attention to something that the whole world has been watching from the start?

    Angelina Jolie has spoken her latest visit to Iraq - the actress's third - in a television interview. The UNHCR goodwill ambassador called on the US government: "This is the most critical time and the government needs to step up."

    On CNN she teared up as she described a visit to a part of Iraq that showed her how things are working there now. "I went with UNHCR but also with US soldiers and found that this was a place that was really kind of off the radar for everybody." Jolie said.

    "Nobody had really gone to visit. Nobody was talking about it. Nobody brought it to the attention of the aid community. But an American soldier did. "They're sleeping on the dirt. They've built these little areas. Out of brick by hand. They don't have job opportunities. You could talk about it - Cry!"

    "You meet with so many little, little babies that look malnourished. So many kids that have infections from things that, with minor medicines, would be okay. Parents saying things like, 'Why? Our children didn't do anything.' They're - and yeah, they're innocent."

    But in June of 2006 (when she thought she had the wool over everyone's eyes), her opinion was a little different:
    Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie indirectly criticized the Iraq war and the priorities of the US government, in an interview with CNN on World Refugee Day.

    “When you’re in Washington to get money for AIDS orphans, the answer is often, we’re at war right now,” said the goodwill ambassador for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) who has visited refugee camps around the world.

    “Our priorities are quite strange,” she said referring to the money Washington spends on war and not “dealing with situations that could end up in conflict if left unassisted, and then cost more.” via All Jolie

    “We’re missing a lot of opportunities (to do) a lot of good that America used to do and has a history of doing … You have to start to notice that there’s something wrong with that,” she added.

    It's just too bad that she is Once Again, jumping on the bandwagon and regurgitating something that has been said, by the experts for the past FIVE years. Nothing new. Nothing earth shattering. Half a dozen or more have already said the same damn thing. :scream:

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