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    Brad Pitt: Translation?


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    Brad Pitt: Translation? Empty Brad Pitt: Translation?

    Post  new_car_smell on Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:59 am

    As I sit writing this blog post, the sharp morning light catches a whisper of sweat on my brow, and -- if anyone happened to be looking -- he or she would also register a distinctly sardonic cast to my countenance as I read a new interview with Brad Pitt on the Web site of German newspaper BILD. Here's a sampling that might explain my gag-worthy previous sentence:

    BILD: Are you scared of ageing?

    Brad Pitt (smirking): The grey hairs on his beard glisten: "No I like it. I think it's good."

    "The grey hairs on his beard glisten?"

    Ick bin nauseated.

    Celebrity interviews are often exercises in inanity. We know this. Many stars only make themselves available to press when it becomes financially expedient -- to promote a new film or show or album or spray tanner -- and questions are often carefully managed by publicists. Pitt is one of those stars from whom we don't hear too much on a daily basis. We merely look on at his glamorific family life as it's chronicled in weekly tabloids.

    Lately, though, Pitt's left his protective cone of Brangelina silence Shocked to talk about his latest movie, "Inglourious Basterds." He's all over the August issue of Wired magazine and submitted himself to another dippy Anne Curry interview.

    But the BILD article has attained a level of idiocy that surely deserves some kind of award. (Sadly, no byline is included with the interview.) A few more standouts:

    "Brad Pitt: “You brew good beer in Germany.” He laughs. “My sunglasses are good for hiding puffy eyes after drinking.” They are from the 80s.

    BILD: You play an American soldier who scalps Nazi’s in a hit team and finally kills Hitler.

    Brad Pitt: “Yes there’s a lot going on in the movie, we had lots of fun. You have some great actors in Germany.”

    BILD: Do you [and Angelina Jolie] find the time to make love?

    Brad Pitt (looks puzzled): What?

    Maybe the translator is to blame for Pitt's 6-year-old-style answers. The reporter is definitely on the hook for the dramatic flourishes and non sequiturs. But, hey -- maybe Brad is ultimately responsible. Perhaps he's so awe-inspiring, he turns reporters (and Ann Curry) into babbling lunatics in his presence.

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