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    I Wish People Would Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone


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    I Wish People Would Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone

    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:13 pm

    I Wish People Would Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone
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    Jennifer Aniston Pictures: I Wish People Would Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone Add to your Favorites!
    See More... Poor, lonely, desperate Jennifer Aniston. If you were to believe everything you read, that’s about the gist of it and I’m so tired of hearing it. If anyone has actually ever listened to Jennifer Aniston speak about her love life, she seems to be pretty okay about it. She’s able to laugh about it and while it’s clear that she does enjoy a man’s company, she also enjoys her own and that of her friends and clearly does not need a man even if she likes keeping one around. Now, the latest rumor is that Jen and Bradley Cooper had some sort of budding romance and that it ended as quickly as it almost began.

    The rumors that the two were headed for something hot and heavy were probably false anyways, as they seemed to be solely based on the fact that Jen and Bradley had dinner together one night. And just a couple of nights later, Bradley also entertained Hollywood hottie, Renee Zellwegger. But something that was an innocent dinner has blown up into Jen spelling out for Bradley exactly what her ‘relationship timeline’ is and how he’s going to fit into all of that. According to reports, Bradley got scared quick and called the whole thing off even before it started. From National Enquirer,

    “It’s back to zero minus one in the dating game for Jennifer Aniston.

    After she gave Bradley Cooper her “relationship timeline” speech over an intimate dinner, the Hangover hunk slammed the brakes on their budding romance, sources say.

    “Jen is devastated,” divulged a longtime friend. “She had high hopes that Bradley was the Mr. Right she’s been searching for.

    “But he called Jen a few days after their big date and broke the news that he wanted to keep things casual and loose. Jen was mortified, but reluctantly agreed to save face.”

    The 40-year-old actress and Bradley, 34, had been flirting ever since they shared a dinner date at his Brentwood, Calif., home while they filmed the romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You in 2007.

    Still, Coop publicly blasted rumors he was dating Jen as “hilarious.” Despite that, the couple sat down for a headline-making date at New York’s Il Cantinori restaurant in New York City on June 18.

    “Jen gave Bradley her ‘relationship timeline’ speech over dinner, about how she wants to be pregnant within the year and for marriage to follow soon after,” explained the friend.

    That was a deal breaker for the actor, whose 11-month marriage to actress Jennifer Esposito collapsed in 2007.

    “He called Jen after he returned to L.A. a few days later, and told her flat out that he thought it best that they go back to being friends. Bradley said he’s not looking for any type of commitment.”

    The next day, “Jen was withdrawn. She’d been up crying to her girlfriends about how she feels her love life is doomed,” the insider revealed.”

    I’m sure that Jen went home crying because one guy wasn’t up to some irrational and unreasonable timeline that she had set in place for the two of them. First of all, I really can’t see Jen sitting a guy down and rattling off what has to happen and when. I think she understands that if you really like a guy, you just don’t do that. And I think even if she did and Bradley wasn’t into it, that she wouldn’t go home hysterical about how she was never going to find a husband. This story is a completely false one, I’m pretty sure, that someone made up on a slow news day.

    I’m so sick and tired of Jennifer Aniston being made out to be this lonesome and desperate woman. In my humble opinion, she’s one of the most empowering, talented, and confident women Hollywood has seen in a long time. I can’t wait for the day that Jen’s attention comes from her brilliant and successful acting career, and not from her lack of a successful love life. Did anyone ever think that after the Mayer disaster that maybe to Jen, just hanging out on her own for a little while is a successful love life?

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